Free Inventory Management Software

Are you looking for free inventory management software that you can use to track your products, inventory or orders? If you own business, you will need the inventory management software to assist you in daily operation.

Here are two of the free inventory management software that you can use without spending your money.

inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is a free inventory management software that helps you manages and tracks your inventory, purchase, and sales.

You can control and organize your inventory in a better way with this software. You can easily input details about the product, sales and purchase records, stock details. It also let you generate various reports for business correspondence.

You can use this software in e-commerce, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, government and more. It helps you manage your product-based business with ease. It is  easy to use and powerful inventory management software . You don’t need to waste your time on training or consultants. You’ll be able to track your products, inventory, orders, customers, and invoicing all in a central place.

This free inventory management software features multiple locations, barcoding, LIFO/FIFO/average costing, automatic reordering, and reporting while allowing saving up to 100 products + customers. In addition, it provides the powerful reporting features that let you customize to match your need.

ABC Inventory Software

ABC Inventory Software is an absolutely free inventory management software for small and mid-sized businesses. There is no limit on a number of records in the database.

You can record as may as you want and install this software on many workstations if you want. You will also receive full support from website and forum. This free inventory management software will not allow you to link your workstations together to make them read and modify the same data. It is a Windows-based application comes with inventory control, purchasing, warehouse appointments, asset maintenance,  assembly orders, bill of materials, work orders, shipping, assets and inventory sales.

This software allows you to reads scanned bar-codes, print bar-coded labels and forms. It supports multiple companies, multiple warehouses, kitting, multiple inventory locations, production/expiration dates, unit of measure conversions, multi-level pricing and serial numbers.

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I introduced you two of the free inventory management software that helps you track your products, inventory, sales orders, purchasing. If you don’t want to spend money on inventory management software, you can try one of them.